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The mission of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is to be a force for positive change in the world.

The global economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are still unclear. We’re offering free insights for tackling these challenges from our world class academics and their research. 

Learn with us!

Is this content helpful for you? Then please help our doctors and researchers
Our offer of free content is because we think businesses need it right now. What’s also needed is support for medical research into the care and treatment of coronavirus patients by Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

If you use our free content, please also consider using the donate now button to contribute towards medical research. Your donations go straight to the Erasmus MC Foundation and will help to fight the disease. Medical researchers are working on a vaccine to prevent new outbreaks. We want to make more research possible.

Breng deze actie extra onder de aandacht met een gave poster. Je kunt zelf de tekst bepalen en de poster vervolgens printen en overal ophangen. Iedereen kan een poster maken voor deze actie dus ook vrienden, familie, collega’s, de mensen uit je sportteam of klasgenoten. Hang de poster op in de supermarkt, bij winkels achter het raam, bij bedrijven of op school. Als je het vriendelijk vraagt en uitlegt waarvoor het is dan is het ophangen van een poster vaak geen probleem.

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€ 15 27-05-2020 | 18:29 I wanted to support Erasmus MC and its important work
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€ 10 20-05-2020 | 15:01 to support the good work you do
€ 50 20-05-2020 | 14:55 I have enjoyed a great session From RSM about power of presence and therefore I am thankful to donate to Erasmus MC.