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from €5.000 (51%)

DENSO Europe is motivated to help the Erasmus MC Foundation in combating the Coronavirus

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€25 25-06-2020 | 12:14 Every donation, every act of generosity and solidarity counts. Big or small, we can all contribute towards finding solutions! : )
€20 16-06-2020 | 14:27
€5 11-06-2020 | 23:58
€2.500 29-05-2020 | 14:23 With the emergence of the current global health crisis, businesses across different industries have responded by showing support for actions dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Alongside automakers and members of the mobility industry, DENSO companies worldwide and across the European region are taking a stand against COVID-19, through initiatives designed to support the efforts of local governments and the communities we serve.