Naughty Fundraising Festival

Naughty Fundraising Festival
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On the 25th and 26th June join us live on Facebook and YouTube for a complete celebration of South Hollands contemporary creative/art scene. Live Music, DJs, Film Directors, Expos, and Multidisciplinary Artists. The goal is to raise awareness and donations toward the Erasmus MC Foundation.

Facebook event:


Thursday 25th June:

  • Lucky Blue (Live Band)
  • The Tommyrots (Live Band)
  • Domo-Sol (DJ Set)
  • Marinella Lezzi (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Just this Place (Art expo)
  • Sydney x Nadine (DJ Set)
  • Laacarnosaa X Girldcc (DJ Set)

 Friday 26th June:

  • Miri Floores (DJ Set)
  • Carlos Eperon (DJ Set)
  • Lex Anders (DJ Set)
  • Bork (DJ Set)
  • Sydney Rahimtoola (DJ Set)
  • Sven Peetoom (Film Director), Chris de Krijger (Film Director), Arjen van Doezelaar (Film Director)

Live on Every day is Friday and Royal Surf Club

PARTNERS: Hostel Room Rotterdam, Europe's Famous Hostels, MarketingSpark, Erasmus MC Foundation, The Grey Space in the Middle. 

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Rotterdam Line up - Day 2

23-06-2020 | 12:29 Introducing Rotterdam’s LINE UP for Friday 26th. Lex Anders With a disco-loving mother and a rock & roll dad, Alex got introduced into different styles from a young age. At the age of 16, he saved up enough money to buy a DJ-set and got started. From disco to house, with jazz/soul influences he experimented and grew into what is Lex Anders is today. Lex Anders has played in well respected clubs such as Perron (R’dam), Complex (Maastricht) and ClubSmederij (Tilburg), and festivals like Oranjekade. Miri Floores Miri Floores is a talented artist with a passion for techno music. Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Miri moved to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, where she continues to pursue her creative vision - creating music that combines stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats. Carlos Eperon Carlos has brought together his love of the art world and of the Dutch dance scene on his platform Every day is Friday, where you can see interviews with musicians and recorded DJ sets. He also hosts parties and art expos at some rather unusual locations. As a DJ he likes to unearth little-known 70s and 80s B-sides beats, to which he has got dancers doing their thing at Poing, Rotown, and The Grey Space in the Middle. Short Movie Night – Sven Peetoom Sven, born 26 August 1993, grew up in Rotterdam, got his high school diploma at the Erasmiaans Gymnasium, and went on to study Film And Literature Studies at the University of Leiden, of which he received his Bachelor degree in 2016. In 2019, his project Samoeraai was part of the official RTM selection for the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. Short Movie Night – Chris de Krijger Chris studied at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda and then moved to Rotterdam to work as a writer/director. Fascinated by social expectations and discomfort, he made a series of short films and music videos on errant characters, strange houses, hidden islands, and fish sticks. Under the slogan 'the perfect film doesn't need any words' he sets himself the goal to capture the unsaid in pictures, to understand human relationships a little better. Short Movie Night – Arjen van Doezelaar After studying the Japanese language and traveling the world for ten years as a project manager in IT, Arjen can declare himself 100% stress-resistant: an indispensable quality in his current work as a filmmaker and producer. With a love for 'the early days of hip-hop' and a fascination for the world around it, he quickly developed an affinity for the more raw, unpolished film and documentary. Due to his straight-forward approach and no-nonsense attitude, no production is too big for him. Watch the Naughty Fundraising Festival live on Every day is Friday, Royal Surf Club, Hostel Room Rotterdam, and Famous Hostels
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